Feb 19, 2014

Something Different: Wedding Color Dresses by DressV

It's about time to write something about those special dresses we all dream about.
Wedding dresses.
And usually when we do think about our wedding day, we imagine white princess alike dress.
At least I did.
And I had one.
Big, white, princess dress.
But now, when I think about it, it would be really interesting to see a bride in some other color.
I was at the wedding of my dear friend, and she dazzled me when I saw her in lovely, romantic green wedding dress.
She was different, and looked lovely.
Personally, I'm bigger fan of some electric color.
For example red dresses.
So, I found lovely wedding colored dresses over at DressV.
DressV is an online shop I mentioned few posts ago when we are talking about prom dresses. 
But today, we are interested in wedding dresses. 
And not just any kind of wedding dress, but wedding colored dresses.
I found two red dresses I fall in love immediately, and I simply had to share them with you.
First one is fabulous trumpet mermaid sweetheart wedding dress, and second I love is hot mermaid flowers sweetheart chapel train wedding dress.
Since I adore white wedding dresses, and would also love to wear one of these amazing wedding colored dresses, I would have a white one before midnight, and red one after.
That would be a surprise for groom and guests, wouldn't it?
What do you say? Would you wear a wedding colored dress on your wedding day?
White wedding dresses are a tradition in European countries, but in Taiwan, Vietnam, India and China bride always wears a red wedding dress as a symbol of good luck  and auspiciousness.
So, are you ready to look gorgeous on the upcoming weddings 2014?
The DressV wedding colored dresses 2014 collection and so much more all here: http://www.dressv.com/color-wedding-dresses-c103389/

*This is a sponsored post by DressV*


  1. i have no wedding planned soon but I know the dress wont be white! i love color and I think it will look gorgeous with certain designs!

  2. Stunning color end dress !!!


  3. That dress is stunning! What an interesting idea having something other than the traditional white :)
    xo TJ


  4. Wow Stunning & unique ! xxx


  5. I love coloured wedding dresses, I really like red and black ones.

    Corinne x

  6. Great post ;)


  7. Wow all the dresses of this blog is really Stunning & unique !
    Wedding Flowers


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